Here are Reasons Why Easethetics is Better than Other Competitors

Running a business is like running a marathon. It’s not an easy undertaking as you need to constantly push yourself beyond what you thought was possible. To establish authority in your chosen niche, you need to be more strategic to drive more clients to your business. 

Are you currently utilizing Zensoft? While Zensoft is currently one of the biggest systems providers in spas and salons in the Philippines, they seem to fall short in some aspects of their services. We at Easethetics are committed to exceed client expectations by offering more advanced and innovative features that will benefit our clients. We take pride in our comprehensive aesthetic management system that simplifies clinic management and operations.


We Promote Excellent Customer Experience

Our aesthetic management system offers convenience for clients.  For instance, our E-commerce platform is equipped multiple payment features that enable clients to pay through their preferred method, including debit/credit card and E-wallet payments thru G-cash, PayMaya, GrabPay and many more. This is highly beneficial when processing transactions as society transitions into the “New Normal”. 

We Encourage Better Workforce Management and Smooth Business Operations

While competitors like Practo-ray are focused on listing client appointments and gathering client information, Easethetics goes up a notch by helping clinics simplify daily paperwork, efficiently monitor reports, perform accurate inventory, and precise workforce management using one robust interface. Additionally, we ensure optimum client information security so that clinic owners don’t have to worry about confidential information leaking into mainstream systems. Our aesthetic management system here at Easethetics is everything you need to grow your business. 

Here at Easethetics, we have created an Aesthetic Management System that is highly navigable and easy to use. Our management system will save you time, optimize your clinic operations, and execute the necessary changes upon client requests. No matter the size of your clinic operations, Easethetics can provide you with a comprehensive management system that will improve client communications, productivity, and reduce operational costs through strategic quality control assessments. You can access our management system across all device types, which adds to its comfort, security, and convenience benefits. Easethetics offers all these innovative features on a subscription basis at low prices. 

What Happens if you Fail to Make the Switch to Easethetics?

Taking advantage of our Aesthetic Management System will keep you ahead of the curve. Our clients are some of the leading aesthetic skin clinics and aesthetic facilities in the Philippines. They continuously enjoy success simply by integrating all aspects of clinic operations onto your robust Aesthetic Management System.  They are fully maximizing our tools to increase their profits and boost their authority in their niche using our smooth-running management system. If you are seriously considering on integrating our system to your business operations, contact us to request a free demo today.

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