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How can you manage to keep your clinic up and running amidst the COVID-19 crisis? The Coronavirus pandemic brought many challenges to aesthetic clinics. At Easethetics, we aim to ease the burden by helping doctors and aesthetic center business owners resolve the many challenges as we continue to deal with the ongoing pandemic. In line with our commitment of providing excellent customer support, we now offer innovative solutions to doctors and aesthetic entrepreneurs free of charge.  

The lack of management tools in clinics has a negative impact on daily operations and the overall profitability of your business. Easethetics brings an efficient and innovative aesthetic management system that will simplify and streamline system operations in these uncertain times. 

What Can Easethetics Do For Your Business?

We proudly announce the launch of our Easethetics modern aesthetic management system. Our tools are specially designed to optimize your clinic operations at affordable price rates to ensure a seamless and pleasant experience for employees and patients alike. You can start using our aesthetics management system for FREE during the first month. We have a dedicated 24/7 hotline that you can call to ensure that your concerns are addressed any time of day. 

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Website, Point of SaleContacts
DiscussInventory, Invoicing, Purchase, Employee 

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PRICE: PHP 500 Per Month

Maintenance & Repairs, Expenses, Time Off, Live Chat, Appointment, Attendance 

 With addition of STARTER

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PRICE: PHP 1000 Per Month

Dashboard, Payroll, Email Marketing, Webinar, Live Selling

With addition of STARTER & EXPANSION 

Easethetics Modern Management System

Whether you own a single clinic or multiple branches, we offer cost-effective and efficient clinic management solutions to help you in providing superior-quality patients while maximizing revenue for your business.

How Will your Clinic Benefit from the Modern Aesthetic Management System by Easethetics?

Our modern aesthetic management system comes with a full suite of features that will ensure your clinic runs efficiently in various aspects of operation. Our FREE Starter Pack offer digital management solutions that guarantee optimum productivity in the day-to-day operations of your business.  

  • Point of Sale (POS) System

Easethetics’ Point of Sale system gathers and organizes all sales-related data, reports, and payables in one space. With all pertinent accounts information stored securely, you can rest assured speedy operations and greater level of accuracy of information.

  • Inventory

Using our Inventory Management Tool, you can integrate and better manage stocks into the system in real-time. With your inventory list updated into our aesthetics management system, clinic owners can assess their available stocks, discard expired products, and order new stocks before they run out. We guarantee highly organized and detailed inventory reports that will help you manage expenses in the long run. 

  • Website Creation

No matter the size of your clinic, having web presence is imperative to successfully grow your business. Our modern aesthetics management system includes a website tool to giving you the freedom to create a high-performance website that reflects the nature of your business. Apart from having a custom website tailored to your exact needs, you can rest assured that Easethetics will bring in more profits round-the-clock. 

  • 24/7 Business Operation 

While your physical clinic is closed at night, your E-commerce platform can perform integral functions such as product listing creation and accept online purchasing using multiple payment gateways. Your clinic can bring in a continuous flow of income even when your store is closed, thus meeting the needs of your patients at times most convenient for them. 

  • Effective Communication Channel with Employees

Through your web browser, the Discuss tool in our modern aesthetic management system will allow you to communicate with your employees via messages, notes, and real-time conversations to strengthen your professional relationship and enhance productivity through the Discuss communication tool. 

  • Centralized Employee Database

Are you spending too much time looking for employee information? Here at Easethetics, all employee information is stored securely in one place. Employee data are converted into electronic or paperless format, so you can access information with just a few clicks. This tool will allow you to create and organize your clinic’s employee database in one place, featuring employee information, time stamps, and payroll. 

  • Highly Integrated Contacts Information

Our modern aesthetic management system makes it easy for clinic owners to integrate the contact information of customers and suppliers in one place. A fully managed contact list will simplify the promotion of your services and build worthwhile connections in the long run. 

  • Calendar Synchronization 

With Easethetics modern aesthetic management system, we can synchronize your calendar across multiple devices, so you can keep track of patients’ appointments. Through calendar synchronization, you can also set reminders for upcoming appointments, activities, and events. 

Get In Touch with Us Today!

Amidst crisis are opportunities that inspire creativity and innovation. Our FREE modern aesthetic management system is an excellent tool that will allow your clinic to operate with the utmost efficiency through difficult times. With our expert assistance here at Easethetics, we will help you maintain good relationships with clients, employees, and suppliers and ensure smooth business operations across all your devices. Don’t miss the chance to maximize the potential of your business. Contact us today and we will be more than happy to discuss our modern aesthetic management system and how you can get one for free! We look forward to hearing from you!

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