HIFU VS THERMAGE: Which Suites You Better?
As we age, our body's ability to produce collagen drops. HIFU and Thermage are both non-surgical face lifting treatments that effectively target the root cause of the signs of aging, which are primarily caused by the reduction in our skin’s ability to produce new collagen, starting from our mid to late 20s. 

So how are these treatments different and which one should you choose? Keep reading and find out which suits you better.


Thermage is suitable as a preventative measure against advanced aging to treat superficial early signs of aging. It also improves facial contour by reducing mild to moderate skin laxity and tightening saggy skin.

It uses radiofrequency (RF) energy to penetrate the skin’s surface and delivers bulk diffuse heat into the dermis layer. This stimulates collagen production, remodeling, and new collagen deposition.

Due to its subtle penetration without melting any fats, it is suitable for treating wrinkles and fine lines, pores, sensitive areas such as the eye area or forehead, and combating volume loss.


HIFU (high-intensity focused ultrasound) uses ultrasonic energy to deliver heat to deep facial tissues. It is more in-depth compared to Thermage and can tighten deep tissues in addition to the skin’s surface.

The ultrasound energy is delivered onto the skin surface in a precise and focused manner while penetrating the inner layers to stimulate collagen growth. HIFU can target multiple depths under the skin, namely, 1.5mm, 3mm, and 4.5mm. At a depth of 4.5mm, HIFU targets the superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS), which is the layer targeted during a surgical facelift.

Due to its ability to induce volume reduction, it is suitable for treating excess fats, saggy skin, jowls, and fatty areas like the double chin or chubby cheeks.

How long does HIFU/ Thermage last?

As both procedures help to stimulate your own body to produce collagen, the effect of both treatments are best seen after 3 months.

Regardless of what treatment you choose, both provide genuine and long lasting results. Collagen levels typically decrease again after 12 to 18 months due to ageing, and this is when a repeat treatment session may benefit you.


Not everyone ages the same way. The way you age determines the best treatment for you.

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