Injection Procedures Made Easier

What is Neurajet Plus?

A device used to assist injecting other pharmaceuticals. Neurajet plus injects even quantity of the medicinal substance to the skin according to the selected injection quantity.

Features of Neurajet Plus

1.Strengthened Safety

  • Contains alarm system that alerts the user through an alarm sounding when the medicinal substance is almost consumed within the syringe being used.

  • Able to perform a safe scalp procedure by applying a separate HR mode with the vacuum function off.

  • The button function on the main body LCD is stopped during the “ready” status.

2. Strengthened Hygiene

  • Prevents contamination on the surface touching the skin on the front-side of the injector by using a cover on the bottom-side of the multi-needle.

  • Prevents flow of foreign substances inside the injector and the main body during the procedure with a 2-step filter.

 3. Ergonomically Designed Injector

  • Handle and trigger designed to be comfortable for a prolonged use.

  • Minimizes the fatigue of a clinician with a light-weight injector.

  • Able to perform detailed procedure by placing the trigger on the front part of the injector

4. Optimized Function 

  • Reduction in procedure time and minimization of patient’s pain from rapid medicinal substance injection speed.

  • Provides a consistent injection speed without regards to the type of medicinal substance and viscosity.

  • Possible to inject a maximum of 50 microliter of medicinal substance from 3 and 5cc syringes.

5. Minimizes Loss of Medicinal Substance 

  • Controls the needle’s standby time on the skin depending on the viscosity of the medicinal substance.

  • Prevents discharge of the medicinal substance by applying a pressure control system within the syringe after injecting the medicinal substance into the skin.


With Neurajet Plus, injection procedures are easier!


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