COVID-19 Testing Saves Lives & the Future
The challenges brought by COVID-19 tested everyone's patience and resiliency. It has made a huge impact affecting our daily lives as it took us away from our comfort zone. Health protocols were imposed and implemented to ensure people's safety. This includes wearing of face masks, practicing good hygiene, maintaining physical distance, even up to the restrictions to travel. Admit it or not, all these circumstances gave us limitations from doing our usual routines.  


Transmission of the virus is rapid, we may not even know we're already exposed. Anyone can be a carrier of COVID-19, including you, and you're entirely unaware of it. Reason why getting tested is essential aside from abiding with the health protocols. COVID-19 testing is one of the keys to let us get back on track!


Importance of COVID-19 Testing


With  the  aid  of  COVID-19 testing, infected  patients can  be isolated and be treated immediately thus minimizing disease graveness and even death.



Testing gives sense of preparedness and awareness in the community. It opens a room for improvement in our public health and clinical care systems which may help in reducing the odds of acquiring the virus and preventing its transmission.



Results from COVID-19 testing brings forth evident data which were relevant in the study and researches about the virus. It provides useful information necessary to fully understand its nature, paving the way to the discovery of different helpful inventions to fight COVID-19.


We're all in this together! 

Not all heroes wear capes, in this phenomenon, anyone can be a hero. 
As you get tested, you're doing yourself and others a favor. 

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