Placenta Injection - Melsmon vs Laennec: Which one is better?

Two placental injections from Japan, Melsmon, and  Laennec are world-famous for their effect to treat several medical conditions and at the same time, popular cosmetic injections with strong whitening or anti-aging effects.

Melsmon and Laennec are very similar in many respects, but there are also fundamental differences that you need to know and understand to properly use and make the right choice of drugs.

Melsmon and Laennec - What are the differences?

Medical Effects:

  • Laennec is a  hepatoprotector and it shows the medical effect for the treatment of diseases and functional disorders of the liver including liver cells regeneration, treatment of alcohol and toxic hepatitis, acute and chronic viral hepatitis, alimentary hepatic steatosis, and hepatic cirrhosis. (1)

  • Melsmon is effectively used for the prevention of menopause, as treatment of early menopause symptoms, and for the treatment of severe symptoms of menopause. A comparative clinical test was held in Japan in 1980. As a result, 77.4% of women receiving Melsmon injections confirmed it was very effective to both psychological and physical symptoms. (2)

Cosmetological Effects:

  • Laennec - Japanese Laennec is widely used to rejuvenate and regenerate the skin and soft tissues of the body. Laennec also successfully copes with rashes and minor dermatological problems (atopic dermatitis) that women may face in skincare. (3)

  • MelsmonJapanese Melsmon has a similar effect to Laennec (rejuvenation and regeneration of the skin) with two conceptual differences - the method of application and the extremely strong whitening effect of the skin. The whitening effect of Melsmon is the reason why it is extremely popular in Asia because the Asians traditionally sought to have white, beautiful, and healthy skin, which was considered the beauty standard of the region.(4) 

Mode of Administration:

  • Laennec -  Intramuscular and subcutaneous.

  • Melsmon - Subcutaneously, strictly subcutaneous injections.

Other Benefits of both Laennec and Melsmon

  • Whitens skin; lightens facial pigmentation

  • Eliminates wrinkles

  • Collagen production - improves skin elasticity

  • Improves blood circulation

  • Eliminates insomnia and improves physical fatigue

  • Hair restoration

  • Anti-inflammatory effect

  • Antioxidant effect

  • Anti-viral effect 

Melsmon and Laennec - Which is better?

Each of the two drugs has its characteristics. Choose based on your purpose of treatment and desired goals.  Each drug, be it Melsmon or Laennec, has its own indications and its spectrum of action, both medical and cosmetic. Rely on proven methods when applying these placental preparations. 

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