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They say, “You are what you eat”. But how can you ever resist the temptation from every delicious food offered on the table? Like usual, we’ll indulge ourselves saying, “Eat now, diet later”. As it is too fast to gain weight, trying to lose weight and attain that sexy body is really frustrating since it is a difficult task that requires a lot of time and constant effort. That’s why a lot of weight control formulations are available today to help us shed that stubborn fat. 


One product well-known by the Weight Loss Community is the Phosphatidylcholine (PPC) also called as Lipodissolve,1 due to its ability of melting fat cells by injection into the fat layer. In addition, PPC possesses liver and detoxification support as well as improve gut, brain, and heart health.2 Brands available in the market today includes: Lipo Lab, Lipo Lax, Lipozen, Liphoscile, Relumins PPC etc. 

Seemingly too good to be true and apart from its promising benefits, unfortunately, Phosphatidylcholine is not approved in South Korea as a treatment for obesity. Instead, it is marketed as liver detoxifying medication which was its original use.3 Even the US Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) released a warning against the use of PPC injections. It is accompanied with side effects such as swelling, redness, bruising, burning, itching, and pain on the injection site. Studies have shown that in very large doses, it causes fat-cyst formation and fat necrosis, where there is a damage or death of the injected tissue.4 



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and Redness

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Fat Cyst

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Fat Necrosis


Good thing! Deoxycholic Acid came into the picture. It is a natural substance made by the body commonly found in our bile. Deoxycholic Acid works by destroying fat cells where it is injected. That’s why it can be used for the improvement in appearance and profile of moderate to severe fat, as well as reduce facial fullness. In line with it, the utilization of Deoxycholic Acid was then considered as safer and less invasive alternative than surgical procedures and any other products such as the PPC. In various fields of medicine, it is also used to prevent and dissolve gallstones. 567 


Fat cells were destroyed by Deoxycholic Acid and body removes it as a waste.

One good example is the Kybella from Kythera Biopharmaceuticals. It uses a synthetic form of Deoxycholic Acid that targets the fat below the chin (submental fat/double chin).8 What’s the catch? It is US FDA approved!9 Marketed as a no downtime weight loss procedure, with its sensational effect, Kybella gained its popularity worldwide despite of its pricey sessions. Albeit approved by US FDA, some reported cases of swelling and tenderness upon usage of this product.10 Although rare, it may also cause injury to the marginal mandibular nerve, which helps control facial expressions, causing an off-balance smile.11



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With these products arising today, Kabelline manufactured by DexLevo Inc. from South Korea started to take steps into the limelight. Like Kybella, it is also a Deoxycholic Acid based injection which is US FDA approved fat dissolving material. So what’s the point? What’s the difference? It has a better formulation especially developed to best suit your slimming needs in a more affordable price. It’s not just for your chin, Kabelline can also be used in melting that unwanted fat in other parts of the body and is effective for specific area which is difficult to remove by exercise.12 Not only that, Kabelline is also Philippine FDA approved!

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Many started using Kabelline by themselves at home and make reviews on YouTube and blog sites. Although great results were seen, it is highly recommended and more advisable to have these kind of procedures done by a licensed medical practitioner to avoid unexpected adverse reactions and complications. 

Achieving the dream body of yours that will make every heads turn and conversations stop is definitely not that easy. We all know, shortcut as an option is not always available for us. However, let’s put an emphasis on living a healthy lifestyle together with proper diet and exercise. With that, surely that sexy body and alluring look will turn into reality! The sky is only the limit! 

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