• ALFOCHOLINE Inj. (Choline Alfoscerate 4ml x 10 Amp.)
• Memory Booster designs to increase mental energy, memory focus, and concentration.
• Powerful combination of vitamins and minerals nourishes and protect your brain, fights stress and anxiety and boost your overall mental abilities.
• COMPOSITION: Each ampoule (4ml) contains 1g of Choline Alfoscerate. As solvent contains suitable amount of injection water colorless transparent injection in colorless transparent ampoule.
• INDICATIONS: Secondary symptoms by defect of brain blood vessel and degeneration of degenerative brain organic mental syndrome. New Medicine for Fat Lipolysis. Face-line and body contouring medicine.
• DOSAGE & ADMINISTRATION: Intravenous and intramuscular injection once daily 1g as choline alfoscerate. This dosage can be increased or decreased according to symptoms.
• CONTRAINDICATION: 1. Patients with hypersensitivity to this drug and ingredients of this drug.2. Women who are pregnant or possibly pregnant women

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