Kabelline Contouring Serum

• Main Ingredient: Deoxycholic Acid
• Content: 5 vials x 8ml per pack
• Kabelline is used for face contouring and body slimming
• Kabelline - Deoxycholic Acid is US FDA approved fat dissolving material
• Ideal solution to reduction of excessive fat in any face and body areas
• Minimally-invasive alternative to surgical fat removal (liposuction)

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    About Kabelline Contouring Serum

    Contouring Serum for localized fat reduction

    01 Upregulates Lipolysis, inhibits Lipogenesis

    02 Can be applied to every parts that have fat

    03 Minimizes pain & side effects


    01 Effective Face & Body slimming solution

    Synthetically derived Deoxycholic Acid dismantles cell membrane,

    preferentially of fat cells. And it effectively breaks down fat cells.

    02 Anti-inflammation Kabelline inhibits inflammatory cytokine.

    03 Upregulation of β-oxidation L-Carnitine helps to transfer fatty acids into mitochondria for β-oxidation. It inhibits re-accumulation of fat.

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