Laennec Original per Tray (Korea)

• 10 Amps per tray
• Improvement of hepatic function in chronic hepatic disease
• Anti-Aging property for younger looking, glowing and flawless skin
• Promote skin rejuvenation

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    About Laennec Original

    Clinical studies of Laennec:

    Clinical trials were conducted throughout Japan. As a result, positive effects on blood counts such as GOT and GPT were recognized. Furthermore, Laennec was used in a number of liver and lung diseases. Similarly, it showed high regeneration and recovery effects. Studies were conducted at 95% intervals, for a more accurate effect. In addition, doctors conducted placebo tests to achieve even more accurate results. Side effects identified during the tests include allergies in 3.7% of patients. In less than one percent, itching and numbness were observed. But a clear connection between the injection and these symptoms has not been scientifically established. It is highly not recommended to use the medicine during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

    Laennec appears in a variety of publications and scientific studies of medical subjects in Japan. For instance, the medical effect of Laennec in the treatment of the liver was investigated by the doctor Ueda Hideo. His research Acta hepatologica Japonica Vol.15  (上田英雄 肝臓、vol.15 162 1974 (click here to follow) shows the positive effects of applying Laennec during clinical trials. Besides that, Dr. Sakamoto Koji (坂本浩二) performed researches on anti-age therapy and treatment of diseases of internal organs using cell regeneration in the University of Tokyo Medical Journal (東京医科大学雑誌). Dr. Sakamoto paid special and deep attention to detailed clinical research on side effects before launching Laennec in Japan - in the issue of 東京医科大学雑誌、vol.33、271 (1975) as well as  東京医科大学雑誌、vol.31、829 (1973)and in 東京医科大学雑誌、vol.32、351 (1974).

    Dosage and administration for Laennec:

    In chronic recurrent herpes and atopic dermatitis, Laennec is injected via IV. 10 ml (560 mg of placental hydrolyzate) of the medicine (5 vials) are dissolved in 250-500 ml of 5% dextrose solution or saline and injected through the ulnar vein for 1.5 -2 h. Injections are carried out 3 times a week with an interval of 2 days. Over all, the course of treatment includes 10 injections.


    In chronic liver diseases (steatohepatitis, alcoholic, metabolic, and mixed etiology), the drug is administered intramuscularly at 2 ml / day (112 mg of placental hydrolyzate). Depending on the severity of the disease, the frequency of injections can be increased up to 2-3 times (6 ml) / day. Also the medicine can be injected via IV. 10 ml (560 mg of placentae hydrolyzate) of the drug (5 ampoules) are dissolved in 250-500 ml of 5% dextrose solution or saline and injected through the ulnar vein for 1.5-2 hours. Injections are carried out daily. In that case, the course of treatment is 2-3 weeks.

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