It is the most basic product for PDO treatment. Since it can be done easily and quickly on various parts and patients do not feel any pain, a lot of additional quantity is used in area where skin improvement, filling and lifting effects are additionally needed in various PDO treatments. It is able to perform both muscle relaxation effect and filling effect that Botox has simultaneously. This product has large satisfaction for patient and practitioners with additional functions for the skin improvement.

It is a product that has PDO effect to a wider area than Mono with springe shaped design. With the better effect than Mono for each function, it has nickname of a jack-of-all-trades PDO. In recent years, it has also been used for the stimulation of fat cell. Since it has various uses according to the intention of treatment, it is widely used in areas other than the face such as the breast, abdomen and thigh. As how well you use the screw is the point of PDO treatment, it is the most widely used product.

• Elaborate sharp needle
• Convenient extension

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    Guage 29G, 25L or 29G, 38L or 27G, 60L
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