Top Five Benefits of Using a Clinic Management Software that comes with a Mobile Application
We live in a period where there’s a mobile application to serve almost every purpose, be it in a banking, e-commerce or food delivery. It’s a trend that benefits almost everyone today with an elevated value and level of convenience. This thought has now taken prominence even in the field of medicine, and today we see mobile applications assisting medical practices as well. 

Having a mobile application that is connected to your practice allows you to leverage the power of mobility in operations to manage your clinic and to deliver top notch services, from anywhere at any moment with the convenience of a mobile application.  

Top Five Benefits:

1. Enables on-the-go operations for Doctors

  • It enables doctors to access patient information and assess patient concerns even if they are physically unavailable at the clinic.
  • Enables doctors to gain new patients through remote consultation opportunities and work from wherever they are.
  • It allows mobility in clinical operations and helps doctors to work on-the-go.
2. Round the clock connectivity with Clinic

  • Allows doctors to view, manage and schedule/ reschedule appointments as per availability and convenience based on the doctor's schedule and calendar at the clinic.
  • Appointment processing and scheduling can be initiated by the patient based on a slot available at the clinic, at which point, doctors can confirm the availability and secure the patient's appointment.
  •  Bill generation is automated per consultation and it makes a record of the revenue generated in the database of your practice. Giving you the ease of analyzing revenue at one glance, whenever you want.
3.  Patient Data at your Fingertips

  • It allows doctors to manage and view patient information such as address, contact numbers as well as information such as past health conditions, lab test from previous visit, etc.
  • Doctors can check patient history with a tap.

4. Analyzing Big Data

  • Medical practices only maintain the highest standards by constantly evaluating the work that goes on within their walls. The best clinics are those which go a step further and strive towards actively improving their services.                                            Easethetics breaks down all your data, helping you improve your service quality and sets new targets. Whether it’s employee workload, management of inventory or the average revenue per appointment, Easethetics provides reports you can rely upon.
5. Managing Multiple Locations

  • If you own several clinics at multiple locations, with the help of a single online clinic management software, all of them can be easily managed with a clinic management system. Data from the individual clinics can be viewed from a single system, often just by using a smartphone app. 

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