PICOHI 300ps Laser

Hyperpigmentation, acne scars, melasma, age spots, etc. - these are some skin problems of why  Asians are frequent visitors of dermatology clinics. Treatment of those conditions might be a long term commitment in a case to case basis because topical creams/ serums or chemical peels alone are not enough when dealing with those. Lasers are the first line of treatment that clinics are offering to their customers, however with traditional lasers there is a higher chance of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation especially in Asian patients with dark skin.

A 47-year-old man with post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. The patient had received intense pulsed light therapy and laser toning; but the treatment proved ineffective as the patches worsened. 

Picosecond laser has a lower risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation than Nanosecond domain Q-switched lasers (widely used for treating various pigment disorder) and is therefore safer and more effective.1 The reason is that the picosecond laser has a short pulse duration and high peak power; it has a higher photomechanical and lower photothermal effects, minimizing the tissue damage caused by heat.2

Case 1: A 30-year-old woman  with complaints of brown-colored pigmented spots  on both cheeks                  and the nose. (a) Before treatment, (b) After treatment of PICOHI 300ps Laser device.
     Case 2:  A 27-year-old man with acne scars. (a) Before treatment, (b) After treatment of                                       PICOHI 300ps Laser device.

Case 3: A 47-year-old man with post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation on both cheeks. The patient                  had received intense pulsed light therapy and laser toning; but the treatment proved                              ineffective as the patches worsened. (a) Before treatment  (b) After treatment of PICOHI                      300ps Laser device.

PICOHI 300ps Laser
PICOHI is a real 300 picosecond laser for the most effective treatment of pigmentations, scars, skin rejuvenations and multicolored tattoo.

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