Ultra Light

Soonsu Ultra Light
10 vials × 2 ml per pack
Product composition: Deoxycholic Acid, Lecithin, Juglans Regia, Fucus Vesiculosus, Aesculus Hippocastanum, Tyrosine, Disodium Adenosine Phosphate, Pulsatilla Extract, Sodium Chloride, Riboflavin

Ultra Light is a unique product of complex action for the elimination of abundant adipose tissue. The rich composition of Ultra Light includes different components that act multidirectionally and eliminate unwanted body volumes. In particular, deoxycholic acid provides decrease in size and full degradation of fat cells (adipocytes). Lecithin stimulates activity of lipase enzyme that cleaves fat acids and regulates cholesterol level in the organism. The extract of Juglans Regia improves blood supply and toxins clearance. The extract of fucus vesiculosus promotes skin flattering and elimination of cellulitis. Tyrosine enhances fat metabolism and accelerates fat burning. In addition, the product provides antioxidant effect, increases cell regeneration as well as demonstrates anti-aging effect. Application of Ultra Light results in elimination of unwanted centimeters in the chin, waistline, belly, flanks and legs areas, elimination of pronounced cellulitis and general skin lifting in the corrected areas.

Strengths of Ultra Light:

- the product has strong lipolytic effect that becomes visible even after 1-2 weeks after procedure

- the product provides degradation of adipocytes and does not allow to gain extra fat tissue because of controlled division of fat cells

- the product is safe, hypoallergenic and has almost no side effects

- the procedure is almost painless

Ultra Light is used as lipolytic for correction of body and face shape.

Scope of Ultra Light:

- correction of face shape in the cheek area

- elimination of the “second” chin

- elimination of excessive fat tissue in the waistline, belly and flank area

- correction of buttocks shape

- controlled formation of new adipocytes

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